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Superior Sound
Crisp high notes, powerful basslines and clear sound. The soundtrack to yourlife just got a significant upgrade.

Say yes to satisfyingly crisp high notes, powerful basslines and clear sound.Galaxy Buds+ is equipped with a two-way speaker engineered by GrammyAward winning AKG, and simple functionality via the tap to skip/pause/playfunction. It’s time to upgrade the soundtrack to your life.

Quality Calls
Loud & Clear

Experience crystal clear calling with Galaxy Buds+’s adaptive three microphonesystem. Your voice will be received with no outside interruptions, using acombination of sophisticated sound and simple touchpad controls. Whether you’restuck at the station or calling from a gig, you can be sure your message is comingthrough loud and clear every time.

Ambient Sound
Choose how much of the outside world blends with your music.

With next generation Ambient Sound, you decide exactly how much outsidenoise you want to let in. This slick new step-up means you can choose toamplify the sounds of the street while you’re pounding the pavement, orshut out the bustle of the gym as you train. With Samsung Galaxy Buds+,you decide how you want to hear the world.

Seamless Experience
Pairing couldn’t be simpler. Open the case, pop them in, start streaming.

Pairing Galaxy Buds+ to your device is quick and easy. You can switch seamlesslybetween Android and IOS, without the hassle of pairing and unpairing as you movebetween laptop, mobile and tablet. Spotify is accessible with a single touch. And thesound in Gaming Mode brings the drama of the game to life.

Additional Features:
Noise isolation
Wireless charging
Fast charging
Touch pad & volume control